I trust my inner guidance and wisdom and keep my own counsel and yet, on occasion, I am aware of the value of having another divine on my behalf. This is when I schedule a reading with Denai. Not only is her relationship with all of the Tarot decks that she works with masterful, she comes to our sessions with incredible clarity and access to hidden realms, and weaves a reading that becomes a rich tapestry of wisdom both revealing and confirming my immediate course in life.
— C. L. Shadowlight Ministries, Baja, Mexico
Denai offers a warm & soothing environment, insightful & thorough readings & above all, an incredibly intuitive session that is sustained by the Tarot cards. I’ve never experienced a reading so accurate or supportive. I have seen her multiple times & every time she has brought to light not only concerns or situations requiring guidance, but heartfelt perceptive feedback from the deck that has blown me away. Added bonus that put me at ease: she’s kind & funny & smart as hell, and knows her Tarot like she’s being channeled.
— Mindy Carpenter Artist/Owner Carpe Diem Papers
Denai is one of the most talented healers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her understanding of addressing all energy bodies, her gift of intuition and the incredibly dynamic tools she uses, create a unique and beautiful healing experience. From the moment I walk into her sacred healing space to days after our sessions, I feel held, nurtured and uplifted. Every session I have done with Denai, from her Womb healings to Tarot readings, has truly shifted my life for the better. I have recommended Denai to many friends in the Ashland area and cannot speak highly enough of her!
— Katie Molina Browning, Certified Herbalist
The Spiritual Bath I received was an extremely potent and powerful offering for the cleansing and renewal of my Spirit and I am honored to have received this healing! I was able to experience a profound shift in my energetic, emotional, and physical being as we had experienced a terrible trauma in the family just days before and needed some real guidance and help in finding our way back into the body and out of the fight or flight and the pain responses that were operating. This was a tremendous gift of a true Shamans powerful prayers and love offering. The Spiritual bath and energy healing released me from my traumatized state and allowed me to feel grounded, centered, and fully in my own heart space again. This will be an experience that we will always have in our heart as the catalyst for the healing, forgiveness, and love that we needed to draw upon for our family to heal again.
— Zhavanya Leib, LMT