psychic Tarot card reading by Danai of Moonflower Medicine

Tarot Readings

“The Majors are the preachers, teachers and wisdom keepers,
The Minors are your everyday highs,
your lows, your woes and what grows, while the Courts are the actors,
the players and the troublemakers.”
― Tonya Sheridan on Tarot Archetypes

North, South. East and West. So above, as below and let us not forget the sacred center.  Around and around the Medicine Wheel we go, forever growing and spiraling. Allow me this hour to stick my nose & dip my toes into the spiral of your very personal life.  There I will find the story of the life you are living. Here the ancient Tarot archetypes will reveal the most potent message you need to hear. From the mouth of the Goddess to your curious ears.  I mysteriously discovered the Medicine Woman Inner Guide & Tarot, based on teachings from the Navajo, over 27 years ago. It was love at first sight. I went on to create a unique layout, which now utilizes up to 7 Tarot decks in a reading.  As we traverse the four directions, spiritually guided information is delivered to assist you. No matter if we are embracing a deep sorrow, chaotic circumstances or a frivolous matter, these teachings believe in restoring harmony, thus you will be imparted an uplifting message of hope.

Available local or long-distance
70 minute sessions, $90

Healer holding rose for spiritual healing bath

Spiritual Baths

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
—Loren Eiseley

“En el nombre de Dios Madre, Dios Padre, y Dios Espiritu Santo, I am the One who calls IxChel and all nine Mayan Spirits…” I pray, as I deliver this water purification ritual which utilizes the power of prayer, copal smudging, pulse analysis and the healing medicine of the plants & flowers.  As you sit in quiet receptivity, an aspersion of Itz Holy flower (cold) water is delivered into your auric field. WOKE! In the presence of all 9 benevolent Mayan Spirits, a healing is offered for your grief, anxiety, sadness, evil eye, depression, shock & trauma and all ailments of the spirit.  Leave this treatment with your chakras balanced, your auric field cleared and some gentle guidance from the Mayan Spirits.

70 minute session, $90

divine feminine energy healing with flowers and steam stool

Vaginal Steams

“We say we love self
While pimping out our pussy. Yet, our wombs scream help.”
—Sanjo Jendayi

Did that quote make you feel uncomfortable?  I have found that talking about vaginas, especially while using the “P” word seems to bring up embarrassment, shame, guilt, reproach and a host of other strange feelings. I humbly invite you to indulge and enjoy this ultra feminine, receptive, gentle and powerful session of a ‘bajo’; the vaginal steam bath.  This ancient ritual has been used by women of many cultures to heal and nurture their wombs. You will sit on a wooden yoni stool for approximately 25 minutes receiving the warm steam to your innermost genital parts. The steam consists of the Holy flower & herb water, personalized for your specific needs. Next, you’ll continue to relax on a warm amethyst biomat, so that the steam can settle into your womb, then you will receive a chakra energy balancing session. This intimate, yet very private session (you are well draped) is a deeply restorative treatment that provides healing to the very core & essence of your beautiful body.

90 minute session, $120

Pleiadians shamanic smudge with smoke and bird feather

"Pleiadian” Activations

“Be humble for you are made of Earth,
Be noble for you are made of Stars.
—Serbian Proverb

By utilizing the power of the Spoken Nahuatl Word, this shamanic session activates YOU to your homeland & establishes cosmic order in your life by  calling on the Apus, the local mountain range nearest to your home, along with the seven star energy of the Pleiades. I will ask for guidance and assistance from these Divine Beings.  I will also command the prayers for the healing of your ancestral bloodline, petition for health in your physical body, and request increased lucid dreaming abilities. All that is required of you in this session, is to sit facing the direction of your mountain and receive the invocations, Oh, and offer a bit of blood, as well, take a small pinch of snake powder for this energetic healing.  

50 minute session, $75

flower essences for spiritual guidance

Flower Essences

“With flowers you paint the world, Giver of Life.”
—Unknown Aztec poet

Personalizing flower essence blends to meet your current emotional needs is my absolute pleasure. We must carve out some sweet time (choosing cards & consulting), to align with the devas & spirits of the flower kingdom.  After all, “the earth laughs in flowers” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Next, I will peruse the Moonflower Medicine apothecary, seeking to find the right remedy required to assist you at this time.  Conjointly, wouldn’t you want your medicine to taste delicious? Unique to these essences are my cordial blends used to stabilize the medicine, enabling each drop to wake you up, while delighting the senses of your taste buds. Mmmm! You’ve heard it sung, ‘just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” In this case, just a few drops of raspberry cordial, for instance, makes a flower essence so much more delectable.

Available local or long-distance
Consultation & essence medicine, $75


If you are looking for an AMAZING, clear, spiritual Tarot guide, Denai Grace Fuller is THE woman to see! I recently received a reading through her. It was the most profound & precise reading I have ever experienced!! THANK YOU, Denai!!!! You truly are gifted!!
— Heidi, Hempress Arise, Owner

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