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Hello! My name is Cihuatochtli, which is Nahuatl for Woman Rabbit, who, in the Aztec mythology, is a favored pet of the moon.

My totem is also a favored companion of my patron Mayan Deity, Ix Chel, who is Goddess of the Moon, healing, rainbows, dreams, fertility and all things related to women and water.  Moonflower, the most highly treasured plant of visionaries, is my main plant ally, good friend and Spirit Guide.

It is she, Moonflower, AKA the Sacred Datura, who walks hand in hand with many Medicine Women.

This company, Moonflower Medicine, is our joint offering of services & products that have been developed over a lifetime of journeying together.

From the early age of four, I remember her larger than life fragrant flowers would beckon me to come play.  If my Belizean grandmother saw me anywhere near her lush bush, she would scold me in Creole, “Gal, lef’ that Mad-apple lone.”   She was right to warn me, Moonflower AKA the Devils’ Weed has been known to be highly toxic, even deadly if ingested in large doses, so it is with extreme caution one may use this dreamtime herb.  Those warnings couldn’t keep me from her mystery though and no matter where I’ve lived, be it the shorelines of the Caribbean, to the deserts of Nevada, to the beachfronts of California, to the swamplands of Louisiana, to the mountains of Oregon, the Moonflower, AKA the Green Dragon, has followed me with promises of unlimited healing potential.  

She has stripped me of all my ego attachments only to refill my cup with an over pouring of self worth.

She has shown me her dark side, dragging me through the underworld where I was made to dig for ancestral roots in the decay & decomposition of their bones, only to revitalize and renew my soul with the morning Sun and a gentle breeze on a tropical island. She has zombie paralyzed me with unshakeable fear in the night only to gift me with an obsidian mirror in which to clearly see my true self.  She is the medicine of seekers & shamans and she is no play-date in the park.

The second flower essence I ever created was the Moonflower, Datura stramonium, I call her ‘the Dreamtime’.  

She literally appeared for me, at a river in Oregon, I was a stranger in a new land; lost, scared and confused.  She appeared to comfort me and to remind me that true friends and allies follow us no matter how far we may venture.  This remedy is useful in times of transition. She helps to let go of familiar realities. She can open up one’s consciousness and allow the journey into unseen realms.  She will assist in the process of stepping into new and unknown territories. Moonflower Medicine was just what I needed at the time she appeared.  


The first flower essence I ever created though was the large, deep magenta hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. It was my daughter’s, Isabella’s, favorite flower.  I learned to make this essence after she died at the age of two on the island of Caye Caulker, Belize.  It is called ‘Grief Relief’.

My daughters first word was mama, her second word was papa and her third word was flow-wa.  ISA stopped to admire every single flower that crossed her path. Her time on the earth plane was short, her mission was accomplished and her spirit lives on in these essences. Isabella was an incarnate fairy sent from the ether-lands to encourage her mama to follow the flowers and to awaken my spirit to life’s inconceivable possibilities.

This line of flower essences and spiritual products & services is lovingly dedicated to the life & memory of her, Isabella Camille Roggema-Fuller.

It has taken many chapters of life, some bright & hopeful, others dark & dreary, to realize I AM a flower alchemist.  In knee deep gratitude & prayer, I allow these enlightened beings to reveal to me how to utilize their beauty to their fullest expression.  When you purchase a Moonflower Medicine product or receive a service, kindly Be Aware, this is no simple flower essence or candle or spritzer or offering to you.

This is the combined channeling efforts of la Luna, a Mayan Goddess, the Moonflower deva, a little fairy named ISA, and a humble flower alchemist, all of our spirits are mixing & elixing, combining & conjuring, praying & invoking, calling forth a magically charmed Moonflower Medicine intended to infuse your life with…

inconceivable possibilities.

Amen. Aho. Ometeotl.