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Denai Grace Fuller,

Denai Grace was born in the old colonial capital of Belize City, British Honduras. Arriving to the drum beats of September 10, 1969 Battle of St. George's Caye carnival parades, she made an entrance with two front teeth and menstruating.

The midwife declared her to be a seer thus sealing her fate and future.

Although the Creole culture was not nearly as rich as the Maya and Garifuna tribes in spiritual matters, they certainly had their superstitions and Denai’s birth was marked as something auspicious by the family.

She subsequently grew up in the deserts of Nevada amidst the silent background of the Piaute, Moapa and Shoshone Native Americans. Always drawn to their presence and power, this was to lay the framework for her later obsession with their way of life.

Although of Belizean heritage, she has always been enthralled by the Dine' People, the Navajo, the Holy People.

From moccasins & turquoise, to tobacco & smudging, to sweat lodges & plant medicine initiations, Denai has steeped herself in Mayan Shamanism & Native American Earth worship for her entire adult life, transcending her religious Catholic upbringing.

In December 2015, during a pilgrimage to the basilica of Lady Guadalupe in Mexico City, she completed a name initiation with the local Aztec Thunder Tribe.

Denai, Cihuatochtli (Woman Rabbit), continues to study, learn and practice the oldest religion on earth, shamanism.

Most recently, in 2018, she completed the Arvigo Therapy Spiritual Healing Course in the rainforest of Belize where she learned the Mayan techniques of spiritual bathing.  This technique relies heavily on prayer, smudging, reading pulses and the power of the flowers and plants. As a certified flower essence practitioner, this training was simply food for the soul.  

Over the course of her life, in addition to being the mother of five wonderful children, she has studied with renown healers such as Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Sergio Magana, Juan Nunez del Prado, and Ambika Wauters, bringing a host of offerings to assist you in your healing and spiritual journey.

Relocated from the beautiful islands of Caye Caulker, Belize to the picturesque mountain town of Ashland, Oregon, she is available for sessions by appointment.

May You Be Blessed.  May It Be So.